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My game on Greenlight!

2016-06-11 09:08:16 by zephyo


HI guys!! I'm real happy; my game, Suppressed, is on Greenlight!

The Greenlight page -

Please vote for it if you'd like to play! It's fully finished; just looking for bugs now.

Suppressed is a visual novel and 2D platform game. You play as a boy in a rural village, looking to escape from a totalitarian nation modelled after North Korea.

If you have any questions, I'd love to answer them :D



Dear Wikipedia,

My nano drive is inserted into your motherboard as we connect the <> with HTML tags, alas! C++ becomes haywire and I quickly use Malwarebytes or whatever the fuck it's called to solve this impending doom.

Oh shit the nerds are coming upon me with their noob LoL accounts and illegally torrented Adobe downloads shouting "OFF WITH THIS WANNABE NERD'S HEAD! YOU DO NOT KNOW THE TRUE JAVASCRIPT!" I must flee to some more sexy timez!

Goodbye nano drive, your 8 GB usage tingles my FireWire slot.....

With many tears and technical malfunctions,