Entry #3

yay I made a game about stink bugs

2017-01-07 11:52:25 by zephyo

It's about battling stink bugs with cyborgs and science and shit

because why not?



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2017-01-07 12:13:26

Cool, but hey listen. I have lots of friends that are stinkbugs. They always end up in my room in the winter.. I've never been stinked by one so idk. I think they are getting a bad rep

zephyo responds:

oh my
they cost East Coast agriculture millions in $ every year so there's that
you're a lot braver than I am


2017-01-07 16:04:44

Did you mean for it to have a scrollbar down the side? I tried expanding the height under your project settings but looks like you have an individual iframe defined in your source code and that would need to be taller as well.

zephyo responds:

Hi Tom! Yes, it's supposed to be scrollable - that's why I put it in the iframe. I didn't do scrollable=no or anything similar so it should have a scrollbar.. does it not? It does for my Macs, at least.


2017-01-07 22:22:57

It does have a scrollbar for me, and I'm using a Windows laptop :)

zephyo responds:

Great! :D Thanks for telling me.


2017-01-08 09:18:47

It does have a scrollbar for me, I had just seen the initial title screen and wondered if it was meant to be there, should have checked further :)